For the travel lover or dreamer in your life. Handmade bracelet made from vintage atlas. This piece is made of paper mache over bangle and finished with acrylic medium then resin for a hard, crystal-like finish. Measures 4 cm in height while diameter is 6.25 cm from inside to inside. This size should fit most.IMG_20160125_171921-1600x1532 IMG_20160125_171825-1600x1190 IMG_20160125_171519-1600x1611 IMG_20160125_173336-1600x925 IMG_20160125_173040-1600x1301

£40. Shipping is £4 to the U.K. It is available to most other countries, and the cost is approximately $60 or 60 euro but for exact price please use an online currency converter at time of purchase. Please inquire for other destinations.