This art journal is made from mixed pages that are ribbon-bound into a vintage book cover. The cover is Souvenir d’enfance from 1934 with stylised art nouveau embossing. The papers are made from a variety of papers with florals, butterflies, vintage handwritten documents, artisan-made bark paper, and heavy watercolour paper. They were boiled in a bath of tea, and eco printed with red and yellow onion skins and rust, then loose bound using marigold sari silk ribbon. Please note, the ribbons may loosen with use. Simply tighten and tie them back up again!  (To see larger photos, click on any image below.) There are 44 pages for 88 sides. It measures 6.5″ x 4.5″ (17cm x 11cm). This book is very much meant to be worked in. To see a video with ideas of how to work on messy pages follow this link

Cost is £75 GBP with worldwide shipping of £15 (UK shipping is £4). This is approximately $95 USD plus $20 but please use this currency converter for the exact exchange rate. To purchase please send me an email at