Altered Art Shrine

SOLD: Altered Altoid Tin Travel Pocket Shrine and Rosary

SOLD: This is a pocket or travel shrine made from an altered Altoid tin. Inside is a vintage saint on one side and an unusual relic of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes on the other. (Please click on any photo to see larger view.)

Bernadette Soubirous died in 1879 and was made a saint in 1933. The relic consists of sawdust from the wood of Bernadette’s coffin, inside of a small, blue envelope marked: “Maison Mere des Souers de la Charite de Nevers” on one side and “”Sciure de Bois/Extraite du cercueil de la Vénerable Souer Marie-Bernard Soubirous le 22 Septembre 1909.”

The date on the envelope is 1909 which makes it from an interesting chapter in the making of a saint; it was the year her body was exhumed by the church for examination in search of proof of the incorruption of her body as proof of her sanctity. (This is why it is labelled “venerable” rather than “saint.”) Her body was then reburied in a new coffin (to be exhumed twice more in coming years – yikes). This sawdust is from the original coffin.

This altered tin shrine is trimmed with two vintage French holy cards (one from 1884, the other early [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin With CDV Fairy

This is an altered Altoid tin whose lid has been given a faux rust finish.

Inside is a fairy cut from an original carte de visite (circa 1880s) over vintage French text. On the other side is an excerpt of an original, handwritten letter from France (1902) and a transparent image of a bird’s next.

It measures 2.25″ x 3.75″ (6cm x 9cm). The cost is £55 with free worldwide shipping. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin With Tintype and Lace

This altered altoid tin was made by creating a faux rust finish and mother of pearl buttons on the lid and making a tiny box frame/shadowbox.

Inside is an original gem tintype from the 1860s inside of a nest made from a vintage doily. On the other side is a collage of an original envelope (1902) and an engraving of a bird (1912).

It measures 2.25″ x 3.75″ (6cm x 9cm). The cost is £55 with free worldwide shipping. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin With Celestial Sun

This is an altered Altoid tin that I made with images from The Graphics Fairy as part of their mixed media design team. The lid has been distressed and inside the belle is set off by some tea-dyed gauze.


It measures 2.25″ x 3.75 (6cm x 9.5cm). It costs £40 gbp and worldwide shipping is £5.

[read more]

SOLD: Altered Art Tin Pocket Shrine


This is a vintage, English cigarette tin that has been made into a portable, pocket shrine. The highlight of the piece is a young girl at her first communion. She is from a French photograph circa 1900s and has been set in front of a fragment of a handwritten, French letter from 1848. To her left is a vintage textile. The edges are hand embroidered and it has a felt heart with more simple embroidery and the words “Arréte de Cour de Jésus est avec moi !” lightly stamped. The front has been hand-distressed and embellished with a vintage, French communion card framed with French, mother-of-pearl buttons. All ephemera is authentic and NOT reproduction.

It measures 3″ x 4 1/4 x 1″ (8cm x 10 1/2 cm x 2 1/2 cm). It is lightweight and can be used as a portable shrine for travel or to simply adorn your place of prayer or meditation.

Cost is £65 plus shipping [read more]

SOLD: Altered Altoid Tin

SOLD: This altered Altoid Tin features a beautiful belle (with a mighty fetching hat). She is an original, clipped from a carte de visite circa 1880s. I have added some wings and she is offset in the middle of this drawer for a 3-d effect. On the other side are images of bird’s nest and egg over an original, handwritten document from 1902. The front has been distressed with wood glue and blow torch, and I have embellished with another bird’s egg on tea bag. It measures 6cm x 10cm when closed.

Cost is £25 or $35 usd. Shipping is £3 ($4.00) [read more]

Altered Art Portable Shrine

For centuries, pilgrims from different religions have carried tiny shrines with them to aid them in their meditation. This piece is not only an homage to these talismans but is also a one-of-a-kind of mixed-media, altered art. The handmade assemblage is contained in a vintage, Players Cut cigarette tin. Inside is an effigy of St. Therese on old, wooden game pieces; a vintage wooden thread spindle turned vase holding three, die-cut, altered map butterflies, symbolizing spirit, beauty, and freedom. The butterflies are on individual coils and are three-dimensional, and can be adjusted. As part of a multi-layered collage, there is a fragment of an antique dictionary (1887) with the definition of “Hope” and a reproduction, celestial map.

In the other niche is an antique, cigarette lighter case, mounted on scraps of handmade mulberry paper and eco-print. This case opens to receive your handwritten prayer, intention, meditation, inspirational quote, tiny photo, dried flower, or other memento to help in your personal reflections. You can either write on the small scroll seen here, or add something of your own.

The front of the shrine, somewhat distressed by the years, now also has a decoupaged butterfly and birds’ eggs.

Closed, the shrine measures 14 1/2 x [read more]