Eco Printing

Unbundling Autumn Leaf Ecoprints

One of my favourite times of the year is autumn and one of my favourite ways to hold onto the beauty and mystery that the season holds is to make ecoprints, steaming leaves I have foraged on my hikes into paper that I then make into cards, framed prints, or book covers. Dying with plants is an inexact science but I have been doing this one for years and here’s hoping that some of these pointers will steer you in the right direction with your attempts. So here is video that is short but will hopefully give a visual of some of the more hard to visualise parts about making your own ecoprints.

If you (like me) enjoy a tutorial that is printed as well as the video, here is a post to get you started:

Ecoprinting with Autumn Leaves

To see an older video that also has lots of fun details, here you [read more]

Handmade Journal Bundle Kit Eco-print


I really love these boxed bundles of journal jumpstart stuff inspiration.

It starts with a handbound journal.  It measures 6″ x 6″ (16cm x 16cm), with 30 tea-dyed pages (for 60 sides). The cover is an eco-print made from Autumn leaves foraged in a Welsh forest. The wraparound cover ties with fawn sari silk and the binding is covered with tea-dyed gauze and a foxed paper from a 19th century frontispiece (see photo 6). It is truly one-of-a-kind. PLEASE CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE.

Then there are the journal-keeping accessories:

  • UHU glue stick
  • 60 ml handmade walnut ink
  • Two bamboo dip pens in various sizes
  • Spritzer/mister bottle (to be filled with ink and water or acrylic paint and water to embellish pages)
  • Paper bundle pack (vintage French print, handmade marbled paper, mulberry paper, Nepalese lokta, vintage blueprints on acetate, a variety of tissue papers, two oversize tags). Papers are all different but approximately 6″ x 6″ (16cm x 16cm) and can be used in your blank book or in other mixed-media work.

This bundle makes a unique starter kit for the new diary keeper or a charming addition to the longtime journal addict’s stash.

Cost is £65 GBP plus £5 shipping. You [read more]

Walnut Ink: Painting Haunting Trees

Every fall I make batches of walnut ink using black walnut hulls. It is a gorgeous medium for mark making and also for painting. Recently I was messing around with walnut ink on watercolour paper and my marks started turning into the branches of strange trees. Here are some of the results. (If you click on any picture, you will get a larger, more detailed image.)

These are for sale. Each one is 5 1/2″ x 6″ and is on 300 gsm watercolour paper. £45 GBP (or £80 for two) with free worldwide shipping. Please send me an email at or DM at Instagram @book.and.paper.arts for more [read more]

Ecoprint Paper Bundles to Add to Your Creations


Today I have a variety of ecoprint paper bundles for use in your work and creations. These are made from leaves that I foraged here in Wales last fall. The leaves are then steamed for many hours  and their essential essence is captured on each page. Now it is almost time to forage for this year’s batch so I am bundling up what I have left in stock to make room. (How did it get to be almost fall? What a year. But that’s a different post.)


Each ecoprint bundle is different, with seven pieces on different size paper or card. It is bound with sari silk. They are gorgeous framed but you can also use them in a variety of projects. In the video below I show a few of the ways that I use these in collage and bookbinding designs, such as a Turkish map fold, an accordion book with pockets, and an art book (livre d’artiste) bound with rust-dyed cheesecloth and tea-dyed gauze.

Four bundles are available, each one is £35 GBP with free worldwide shipping. (Click here for a currency converter.) To buy, please email me [read more]