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Free Downloads of Redouté Flowers

I have a huge thing for the work of artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté. He was official court artist of Marie Antoinette (imagine putting that on your CV) and is considered one of the greatest botanical artists of all time. Today I have some high-res scans for you to download and print, or use in your digital collage work.

1. Click on any image to get a larger version.

2. Right click and copy.

3. Paste into an editing programme such as Paint. (I use Word which is not as good but I am used to it😁). You may want to size them down. Experiment and see what [read more]

A Paper Glossary: Want to Know What Hot Pressed, Rag, and Gelatine Sized Mean?

Vintage Paper Co is one of my favourite sites for drooling over. Based in Scotland, they source hard to find handmade paper, both vintage and contemporary, as well as hand decorated paper for fine art, handmade sketchbooks, and journals. As the owner William says, “We do not sell things that are readily available from other paper merchants or art stores because what’s the point? There are businesses out there who do a brilliant job doing this and I genuinely respect what they do but I don’t want to do that.”

Earlier this year, Vintage Paper Co published a super handy glossary of paper terms to help readers and shoppers understand some of the finer points and terms used to describe their wares. If you are like me you probably pretend to understand more of these than you actually do and paper is my full time job. William was good enough to allow me to repost it, so consider this a crash course in everything you need to know about paper phraseology. And then go check out his delightful site and their inspiring wares:


A Paper Glossary

A series

ISO range of paper sizes


The degree to which paper takes up an [read more]

Gladys Cooper Vintage Postcards for Downloads

I am obsessed with old books, old clothes, and boy, am I ever obsessed with old movies. (I met my first husband at a silent movie double feature, so there.) One of my favourite stars ever is Gladys Cooper. She is best known as a renowned character actress in the 1940s at Warner Brothers. She starred opposite Bette Davis in Now Voyager (as the oppressive mother) and in Separate Tables opposite Deborah Kerr (as the oppressive mother). She was also in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca as the really sweet sister to Laurence Olivier. What is less well known is that before all that she was a Great Beauty, when such a thing was a career.

Yesterday I hit the motherlode of Gladys Cooper postcards from her babe period. If you would like to use any of these for crafts or art journals, just right click on an image and click “Control C” then go to Word or Paint or whatever program you use for images and press “Control V.” If anyone would like a larger resolution, please contact me directly and I can send you a larger image. Enjoy!

To read a dishy biography of Ms. Cooper with clips from her films, go [read more]

Vintage Fashion: Now THAT is a Lot of Look

I have worn vintage clothing for many years, and it never fails to disturb when I see something labelled “vintage fashion” that dates from, say, the 1970s. (Even more horrifying, the 1980s being considered vintage in any unironic way.) Me, I am too mired in the esthetic of the 1930s and early ’40s to get hot and bothered about clothes that came after, but I have a lot of love for looks from an earlier era: many’s the time I’ve worn a 19th century piece with Levis and cowboy boots. Here is a selection of great looks from an older, and cooler, time from the gazillions of cabinet photos I have collected over the years. (Shoes, be sure and notice the shoes.)

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Torch Song Tango is Coming Soon

Torch Song Tango is launching soon with literary gossip, stories of Old Hollywood, food and travel, illustrated journals, and a variety of altered book arts. Come back later in May for:

  • The Death of Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Gin and Sixpence: The Cocktails of Somerset Maugham
  • Libby Holman
  • Altered book arts
  • Illustrated journals
  • Vintage fashion

There will be much more, including an illustrated guide to making homemade salt-cured lemons and fantastic giveaways.

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