(Two left.)   Just in time for Bastille Day, French book arts boxes: a hand-curated selection of antique ephemera from my finds across France. Ideal for a variety of crafts, including art journals, altered books, mixed media, assemblage, and collage. All of the pieces are original and once they are gone, they are gone. Each box contains:

  • One vintage rosary;
  • Ten yards French linen thread (unwaxed);
  • One spool French linen thread/twine;
  • Vintage tin (distressed);
  • Six buttons for gendarme uniforms (some distressed);
  • Twenty celluloid buttons circa 1920s;
  • Edition of La Mode Illlustrée, a womans fashion magazine. Each will date from the 1870s to the 1880s and comes in a signature with four pages;
  • Edition of Paris Qui Chante, a theatre magazine from 1903, 8 pages;
  • Handwritten legal document with embossed stamping, dates varies from 1840s to 1870s. One signature of two pages;
  • French dictionary pages, 1846, two pages;
  • Signature from French prayer book, 1822, eight pages;
  • Handwritten ledger pages, circa 1902, two pages;
  • selection of invoices and/or letters, 1860s to 1940s;
  • Three cartes de visites (photographs), circa 1880s;
  • One handwritten invoice folded in wrapper style ;
  • Three playing cards, 1890;
  • Four game cards, 1950s (?);
  • Three vintage prayer cards;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1811, seven pages;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1834, seven pages;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1611, four pages;
  • Three vintage, handwritten postcards;
  • 10ml sample of handmade walnut ink;
  • Three yards tea-dyed sari silk;
  • Length of tea-dyed gauze.

There are six boxes available, after that I will go to a waiting list. Cost is £72 (approximately $91 usd) and shipping is £4 to the U.K. and £11 to the U.S. (approximately $14). For shipping to other countries, please let me know. To reserve your box, email me at kellyboler79@gmail.com or send a DM on Instagram at @bookandpaperarts. As always, I am happy to customise if possible.

Here are some of the comments from happy collectors who bought earlier boxes:

I received your box today and it exceeds all expectations!! I am having so much fun looking and feeling all the items inside! I love the vintage tin with the buttons, the inks, handwritten papers and the fabulous little journal inside! You will definitely hear from me again in the future for another order! I hope all is well! You have made one girl very happy today!

Thanks so much for the care you took in selecting my items!!” – Susan

“THIS BOX IS UTTERLY AMAZING! Its beauty is breathtaking and we can’t wait to play! Everything is exquisite. The papers. Journals. Packaging. Everything. You have such a knack. Incredible!!! THANK YOU!” – Amy

“Your new ephemera boxers look amazing! You really need to stop tempting me…lol! Thanks for all the extras you sent me with my order.” – Cheryl