An original French magazine, La Coiffeur Parisienne. It is from May, 1929, and contains pages of illustrations of hairstyles. There are also fashion tips and some cool old ads. It is 13 pages (26 front and back) and measures 8.5″ x 10.5″ (21 cm x 27 cm). It is a great vintage fashion resource and would also look good on your coffee table or desk. If you are interested I have one more from this series that I will be posting soon; let me know and I will send photos directly of this other copy.

IMG_20170731_133246-1138x1461 IMG_20170731_133308-1138x1445 IMG_20170731_133337-1138x1517 IMG_20170731_133401-1138x1356 IMG_20170731_133435-1138x1447 IMG_20170731_133500-1138x1408 IMG_20170731_133520-1138x1465

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