This is a unique, one-of-kind blank book that can be used as a sketchbook, diary, journal, or scrapbook. It can also be used as a guestbook.


It is full of 72 pages (for a total of 144 sides) comprised of Daler-Rowney artist papers in white and cream; 19th century sheet music, dictionary pages, handwritten French letters; reproductions of Redoute flowers on heavy paper; handmade ecoprints; vintage accounting ledger pages; and maps. All of the pages are handtorn for a faux deckled effect, and many have hand-dyed edges. It contains plenty of pockets and removable tags. It measures: 4 1/2″ x 7″ (11.25cm x 17.5cm). (Please note, the pages shown below may not be the exact pages, but are near examples.)

These pages were then hand-sewn into a vintage book cover, with a freestyle “cowboy” binding. Too often new journals are intimidatingly pristine: the look of this book is deliberately messy, in the hopes that it will jumpstart your creative work and silence the dreaded inner critic. (You know the one I mean.)


This journal comes with a free UHU, artist quality glue stick; a small water brush; and a paper ephemera pack made up of pieces found in my paper arts studio.

Cost is £32 GBP. Shipping is £3.00 in the U.K. and £5 worldwide. You can use this link to pay via PayPal.