SOLD: I have a thing about vintage rosaries and have bought some stunners at French flea markets but THIS one is remarkable. It dates from the 1890s and is made of hand-carved mother-of-pearl beads. The trim is silver, including silver, filigree caps on the five pater beads. (Click on any photo for larger view.)

A rosary like this would have been given as a wedding gift, to be worn as a necklace or perhaps around the bridal bouquet, or as a present for a first communion. It is also big. It measures 21″ (53 cm.). The cross is 2.75″ (7cm). The pater beads are 10mm across (almost half an inch).  These, of course, make sublime devotional objects but they are also great for anyone who loves vintage, French ephemera for its own sake.

Cost is £165 with free worldwide shipping. It comes in a hand-altered tin. Please let me know if you have any questions.