I love to travel and I love to keep journals, so whether it is Paris or Mississippi, Italy or North Carolina, I always keep an illustrated travel diary. Well, none of us are going anywhere for awhile but we can still use this time to explore other places and work in our sketchbook travel diaries, which is why I am delighted that Sketching Spain has asked to me to help get out the word about their virtual travel adventure art courses.


Normally, Sketching Spain hosts in-person tours but there’s nothing normal about now so they came up with two online courses to fuel your imagination and wanderlust as well as really up your travel and journal game. Your instructors are Danny, who introduces you to the culture, food, wine, and history of Barcelona while Judith shows a wide variety of techniques for filling your art journal even if you are an absolute beginner.

They also offer All About Vino, a crash course on Spanish wines and art classes that guide you in creating a hybrid illustrated travel/wine sketchbook.

To find out more, click on this link to go to Sketching Spain: Barcelona. Or [read more]