Two documents for conveyance and indenture contract. They are handwritten on a kind of durable plastic-feeling parchment sheet and have wax stamps, embossed stamping, and a bit of ribbon. Dates are 1908 and 1912. They measure 8.5″ x 10.5″ (21 cm x 27 cm) when folded – double that when open. Each is two pages and they open up into a folio. Let me know if you want more photos.

IMG_20170731_133723-1095x1341 IMG_20170731_133849-1095x1438 IMG_20170731_133804-1095x649 IMG_20170731_133912-1095x1460 IMG_20170731_133942-1095x1286 IMG_20170731_134050-1095x1587 IMG_20170731_134119-1095x1054 IMG_20170731_134159-1095x926 IMG_20170731_134240-1095x1692 IMG_20170731_134320-1095x1596

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