I decided to create these vintage packages with a religious theme to showcase some of the French sacred ephemera I have found (or that has found me. I never know which it is). While this lot would, of course, be perfect for someone who cherishes them as devotional items, they are also charming, vintage collectibles for anyone who likes French brocante. This lot contains:

19th-century rosary of heavy, yellow milk glass. It has two medals, one smaller and very worn one of Mary on one side and the letter “M” intertwined with a cross on the back. The larger medal is of Saint Pacifigodi Severino and has a maker’s mark of “L.M.” As he was canonised in 1839, it is likely that the medal dates from then, as this is traditional. This is an Italian medal, so this could be an Italian rosary rather than a French one, but I did buy it in France and it is also possible that it was originally French and an Italian medal was added but at any rate, it is one of the most beautiful and unusual rosaries I have ever seen, so it goes in with this lot!) It is 18″ (46 cm) and has 56 smaller, Ave beads and four larger Pater beads.

The missel is a prayer book from 1900. It measures 3 1/4″ by 5 1/4″ (9cm x 13cm). It has a soft leather cover and inside are four black and white engravings. Every page also has printed borders of a variety of angels and saints. Please note, the binding is loose near the opening frontispiece; it is not in perfect, collectible condition, rather it is meant to be an ornament.

Also included is one first communion photo on a postcard from approximately early 1900s and three vintage holy cards. Finally there is a tin that I have altered with a faux rust finish that you can use to store your rosary or for something else. Below are images. For a better look, click on an image for a larger size.

Cost is £95 GBP with free worldwide shipping. You can use the Buy It Now button here (you do not have to have a PayPal account to use it). Please note that occasionally these buttons act up and do not work and if this happens to you, please contact me by email (kellyboler79@gmail.com) or DM at Instagram @bookandpaperarts and let me know you want it and I will mark the listing as sold and send you an invoice.)