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Three Strangers: Old Hollywood Trailer featuring Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre is my favorite actor, and this is a trailer to one of his lesser known pictures The Three Strangers from 1947. His co-stars are Sydney Greenstreet at his scenery-chewing best, and the magnificent Geraldine Fitzgerald. It is classic Warner Brothers of that era. [read more]

Old Hollywood – Bette Davis Trailer 1935

Bette and her frequent co-star, sometime lover, play themselves in this 1935 trailer for Front Page Woman.  And we are supposed to believe that Bette Davis was ever at a loss for words.

Courtesy of Captain Bijou at [read more]

Old Hollywood – Leslie Howard Writes About “Women of the Screen” (1935)

Originally published in Film Weekly, October 25, 1935
Women of the Screen

by Leslie Howard

Actor turns critic! Here’s a shock for Hollywood and a novelty for you. Just before Leslie Howard’s departure for America we asked him for his opinions of the leading feminine stars from the viewpoint of an experienced screen artist who has acted with most of them at one time or another. “A pretty thankless task,” he commented. But he didn’t shirk it. Although the candid comments he makes in this interview-article may get him into hot water in Hollywood, we think you’ll agree that his criticism are shrewd, impartial and pungent.

The most courageous woman with whom I have ever worked is Bette Davis. She is a girl whose mentality has a strong masculine streak and she lacks almost entirely the normal vanity of her sex. When the cast for Of Human Bondage was being assembled, Director John Cromwell approached quite a score of famous actresses to play the part of the heartless trollop with whom the hero of the story, Philip Carey, fell in love. It was thought that whoever played the part would be finished in films, and everyone refused. The only girl with sufficient courage to [read more]