Take stock of the last year. What are the things that stand out, both good and otherwise? Brainstorm: books, music, walks, cooking, making, learning. Can you list at least five things that stand out about this past year? Feel free to add more, as many as you can think of, on a separate sheet of paper. Pay attention to:

What did you learn this year?

What did you try this past year?

What did you make that you really enjoyed?


The next questions may throw up some scary and/or sad emotions. Feel free to take it slow and take lots of breaks in this section but be as honest as you can. You can’t heal until you face up to it. Facing the truth is your first step in healing and transforming.

What is in your life that does not serve you?

How do you trip yourself up?

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of missing?


Now, take what you have thought about and written and use it to make your goals for the year to come and to give you some context for what you desire.

This year, what do you want to learn?

This year, what do you want to try?

This year, what do you want to change or remove from your life that does not serve you? Is there anything that you just want to stop?

What are things that you would add or change in the coming year if you could? (Do this quickly, no editing.)

If you could have any wishes and knew that they had already come true, what would they be?

What would it look like if you knew you could live a bigger and bolder life? Add details – lots of details.

What do you have to do to die with the right regrets?


(Below is one of my lists where I am brainstorming and thinking on paper.)