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IMPORTANT: Shop is closed for short holiday

Hi. I am leaving tomorrow for France where I will be looking for treasure and brocante so that you have lots of lovely stuff to look at and consider this fall. I return later in October and will let get the shop is up and running again then. Or feel free to buy an item now, but just remember I cannot post it until late October.

Au revoir [read more]

The Art and Craft of Hairdressing: Free Vintage Scans

These remarkable ladies are from a 1935 textbook called The Art and Craft of Hairdressing. When I acquired this book the covers were long busted beyond repair so I took out the plates to use in journal pages and collage. If you would like to use them, just click on any image in the gallery below to get a full-size resolution. Then right click and copy, the copy it into your favourite editing programme, such as Paint. (I use Word which isn’t really for images but what the heck, I know how to use it so I do.) You may want to resize them for a larger or smaller image, depending on what you are making. Happy [read more]

Altered Book: Bell’s Miniature With Sunflower

My latest altered book is a small format but packed with vintage paper goodness. This book is completely hand-altered and is a one-of-a-kind art piece that you can display on a table or shelf; it is meant to be handled, the inserts taken from their pockets and enjoyed for their own sake.

The book is from Bell’s Miniature Series and dates from 1905. Inside are six unique collage layouts and paper ephemera that includes:

  • Border of handwritten French document, 1838;
  • Ex Libris, 1897;
  • Rotograve (photograph) post card of kitten, 1906;
  • Engraving of man in top hat from “The Girl’s Own Paper”, 1883;
  • Welsh text, 1881;
  • Nautical animals from children’s nature guide, 1876;
  • Handwritten postcard, 1875;
  • Hand-painted, hand-lettered celluloid French holy card, c. 1905;
  • Vintage sales card from Singer sewing machines, c. 1910s;
  • Page from Observer’s Guide to Bird Eggs,
  • Vintage French card frame containing black and white cigarette card photograph, 1890s and Victorian era scrap card with French scripture
  • French holy card with extra angels, 1922.

If you would like to buy this book, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on thumbnail boxes below to see a larger version of any image. 


The book measures 4″ x 6″ (10cm x 15cm). Cost is £105 GBP (this is approximately $145 but please [read more]

Free Scans: Vintage Print, Text, Handwritten

Painting, drawing, and collage-making on vintage text and handwritten pages is one of my favourite techniques in creating altered books and art journal pages. While I sell a lot of antique paper for book and journal arts and am lucky enough to have a big stash for my own work, I fully realise that it is not in everyone’s budget right now and that we are all at different stages and levels of our creating experience, so I also want to offer these free, high-res scans that you can print or use in digital collage. If you’re not sure how to use these with visual pieces, check out my Youtube video below.

Just click on any image to get a larger view. To grab it, right click and copy, then copy into an editing program such as Paint. (I actually use Word which is not meant for visual but what the heck, I know how to make it do what I want.) You may want to resize an image and make it smaller or larger, depending on what you want to make.

Happy making! Here’s the video with [read more]

Easy Goal Setting to Change Your Life (and Get to Your Wildest Dream)

Maybe it’s because I love maps, and make no mistake, making goals and resolutions is about making a map of your life: taking stock of where you are and setting a course for where you mean to go, and how to go about getting there. This turns your life into a meaningful journey rather than aimless roaming.

It helps you see that every goal pursued and met – or not – is a building blocks to be experienced, lived, embraced. The best advice I’ve ever found about about knowing what you want and then getting it was from Barbara Sher. Her books Wishcraft – How to Get What You Really Want and I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was  really did change how I thought. I read them at a time that I felt trapped by life and was angry, desperate, and scared. She showed me how to get out  by imagining my direction and then taking real-life teeny, tiny steps towards it. It’s about using those goals, those building blocks as pulling yourself along hand over hand, until you can walk then run then fly. Or maybe you stumble and that [read more]

Violet Crystal Vintage Rosary from Italy

This rosary has crystal beads in a delicate, light violet shade. They have silver bead caps and a silver, art nouveau linking bead. The crucifix has a teeny tiny angel on one arm and Mary on the other. On the back it reads “Italy”. Please note that this piece is not long enough to be worn as a necklace (unless it is converted with a clasp).

It measures 13.55″ (34.5cm) end to end and the crucifix measures 1.25″ (3.5cm). Cost is £55 with free worldwide shipping. To buy use the Buy It Now button below or contact me at [read more]

Purple Rosary: Vintage French With Enamel Trim

This is a vintage French rosary from the early 20th century. The beads are a deep purple stone and the crucifix and linking bead are trimmed with silver and purple enamel. The crucifix has the word “Lourdes” on the back, and the linking bead has a profile of Bernadette on one side and Bernadette at the grotto on the other. While this piece makes a unique devotional object, it can also be worn as a lovely piece of vintage French jewelry.

It measures 18″ (46cm) from end to end and the crucifix is 1.5″ (4cm). Cost is £65 with free worldwide shipping. To buy use the Buy It Now button below or contact me at [read more]

19th Century French Mother of Pearl Rosary with Religious Medal

This is a truly gorgeous vintage French rosary. It dates from 1870 and the beads are hand-cut mother of pearl. The crucifix is trimmed in silver, included silver caps on the arms of the cross. It also has a large religious medal that someone added: on one side is a weeping woman (Mary?) and on the other side a cathedral and the letters “ND DE LA SALETTE”. A rosary like this would have been given to a bride for her wedding or for a special first communion gift.

It is one of the largest rosaries I have come across and measures 20″ (51cm) from end to end, including the crucifix that measures 2″ (5.5cm). It can be used as a devotional object or worn as a lovely piece of vintage French jewelry.

Cost is £135 GBP with £15 worldwide shipping. (This is approximately $185 usd + $20 but please use this currency converter for the exact exchange rate.) To buy use the Buy It Now button below or contact me at [read more]

Art Journal Bundle Box

Inside this art journal bundle box is a beautiful, handmade book and tools for you to get started working in it, filling it with your writing and creations. Here is a short video showing what’s inside.

The journal is made from a mixture of different papers such as watercolour paper, maps, vintage tracing paper, and text for texture and fun. Inside the pages were strewn with purple and yellow onion skins, creating eco prints on some of the pages. The assembled pages were then bundled with twine and the imprint of a rusty skeleton key and were then boiled in a cast iron pot of tea and rust. The pages were then dried then bound into a single, chunky signature with sari silk. Each book is one of a kind. The blank art journal will come in a box with:

  • UHU glue stick
  • Bamboo dip pen
  • Small waterbrush
  • Ranger Mini Mister
  • Altered mini tin with postage stamps
  • Fun paper pack that includes tags and vintage dictionary fragments
  • 10ml handmade walnut ink
  • 10ml handmade acorn ink

When you receive your art journal bundle box you will have a link to a short video showing ways to use the different elements. This box will make a unique gift for [read more]

Altered Book: Temperance Entertainer

This altered book is made from a vintage book, then filled with paper ephemera, pockets, collage, and mixed media embellishments. A book like this takes several weeks to make: pages must be prepared, pockets formed, layouts created, gluing gluing gluing, drying drying drying. Each layout is a unique, collage piece, making this altered book basically a collection of one-of-a-kind collages. Here is a video flip through showing page by page detail with a description of the techniques I used inside.

Here are still photos of the pages. TO SEE A LARGER VERSION OF ANY photo, just click on that image.

To buy, the cost is £165 GBP + £19 worldwide shipping. (This is approximately $227 + $26 USD but please use this currency converter for an exact price.) You can use the Buy It Now button or email at for more information. I can also be reached on Instagram at @Book.And.Paper.Arts and you can send me a [read more]

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