Inside this art journal bundle box is a beautiful, handmade book and tools for you to get started working in it, filling it with your writing and creations. Here is a short video showing what’s inside.

The journal is made from a mixture of different papers such as watercolour paper, maps, vintage tracing paper, and text for texture and fun. Inside the pages were strewn with purple and yellow onion skins, creating eco prints on some of the pages. The assembled pages were then bundled with twine and the imprint of a rusty skeleton key and were then boiled in a cast iron pot of tea and rust. The pages were then dried then bound into a single, chunky signature with sari silk. Each book is one of a kind. The blank art journal will come in a box with:

  • UHU glue stick
  • Bamboo dip pen
  • Small waterbrush
  • Ranger Mini Mister
  • Altered mini tin with postage stamps
  • Fun paper pack that includes tags and vintage dictionary fragments
  • 10ml handmade walnut ink
  • 10ml handmade acorn ink

When you receive your art journal bundle box you will have a link to a short video showing ways to use the different elements. This box will make a unique gift for the journal lover in your life, even that person is you.😍

Cost is £75 GBP with UK shipping of £4. Worldwide shipping is £16. (Please note that this is approximately $125 altogether but be sure and use this currency converter for the exact exchange rate.) If you have any questions, please let me know at (UK buyers, your excess postage will be reimbursed to you via PayPal. Or send me an email or DM and I will make a new invoice for you. Sorry about this. PayPal hates me today.)