I have heard a lot of people say they are scared right now but I am not so much scared as angry, which feels weird because as a rule I do not get angry. You could say I don’t believe in it but today I am not only angry, I am convulsed with rage. But here’s the deal. It doesn’t help and I don’t like what anger does to me or to other people so – I had a good cry in the shower, got a grip, and gave myself this pep-talk; here it is in case you need one.

Idiots may be idioting while the world burns but even so, I have a choice. I can feel outrage and helplessness or – I can be angry but in control of what I do with that. One thing I know: They are counting on our anger to divide us, making it easier for Them to get away with this. A look at social media posts and especially comments makes it clear that it’s working. Actively refusing to be part of this, rejecting it and deliberately choosing another reaction thus becomes an act of rebellion, of disobedience.

I am not saying don’t be angry. I am saying, you choose how you deal with it. One way is to mentally stand back from whatever fool thing has triggered it and ask yourself, is there is another way of looking at this. Is there some way of coming at this information from a different angle?

Powerful people are doing evil things. But. You can look at this fact and think, yes and they are sociopaths and they are soulless and deep down they and everyone in their life knows it. While you, you reading this, you are not soulless. You care and you want to make things better and you love and you connect and in that case, who really has the power?

Stupid people are doing selfish things that put others in danger. That sucks but you can ask yourself, have I ever done something stupid? Something selfish? Something that I would do anything to take back and do differently and instead of hating these stupid people, can’t you pity them and feel for the remorse that is coming their way and hope that when it does, they learn and grow and become better human beings who may be patient with the next generation of stupid, because stupid isn’t going anywhere.

What I am trying to say is this. You can choose helplessness or you can choose grace and the experience that comes from grace. You can choose to be grace in this unholy time. It doesn’t cost anything, it isn’t fattening, and you can start right now, wherever you are. It will radiate from you, I promise, and who knows where that light will lead, or who it may lead home. Just. Think about it.

Feel free to send me an email with your thoughts. We got this.