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Basic Workshop Info

To attend one of these workshops, please contact me and book in for a time that suits you. These are two hour sessions of intense teaching and creating, and you will leave inspired.


Art Play Date Workshop

Join artist Kelly Boler at her marina art studio for a playdate that includes one-on-one tuition and full use of an amazing variety of stencils, rubber stamps, inks, embossing powders, acrylic paint, pastels, watercolours, gel mediums, gesso, hot glue, paint daubers, watercolour pencils and crayons, die cutters, washi tape, and a huge assortment of paper ephemera. Also on hand is a library of art books filled with ideas for inspiration. Learn how to keep an art journal, make your own tag art, try out unfamiliar art supplies and techniques, or just play.

This playdate is ideal for absolute beginners as well as experienced crafters. Buy it for yourself or give to someone who might need a nudge with their creativity. Two hours includes use of all supplies, tuition on a variety of crafts, and a free starter sketchbook to work in and take home. £40 for an individual or £75 for two – bring a friend!

To make a date call or text: 0792 807 8866 or [read more]

Journal Prompts for the New Year

In my latest junk journal, I included hand-written prompts throughout to stimulate reflection and creative data-mining of the soul. Below is a list of those prompts plus a few more. Feel free to cut and paste and borrow at will. (To see the journal in my shop, go to:


(The only thing that I ask is that if you use these in a post or item to sell, that you credit me, please.)



What are five things that

I would like to learn?


Choose one. Now pretend you nailed it.

Look at how you began, backwards. You are

here, how did you get here, what was

your first babystep? Now take that step.


What are some quotes that are meaningful

to you? Write one and illustrate it. If you

don’t draw, make a collage from photos

in a magazine.


What is the best decision I ever made?


What are you really good at? Quick, what

was the first thing that came to your mind?

Write it down and write about it.


Your goddess. Describe her in five words.

Illustrate or collage what she is like.


Name five role models or people I admire.

 How can I be more like them?


What is my favourite thing to wear for

dressing up? For comfort? Draw or

collage them.


Which one makes [read more]

SOLD: Altered Book Journal With Goal-Setting Prompts

This is an altered book, junk journal created from an old book about reading topographical maps. Throughout I have removed pages, rough torn other pages to create stubs and pockets, and added envelopes, tabs, and cards. I have also added handwritten prompts throughout and lots of tea-dyed graph paper and vintage ledger pages for reflection. Take a prompt and write through, add some drawing and collage of your own and you will find yourself closer to your creative goals for the year to come! Click on a gallery thumbnail for a clearer view.

To see a list of the prompts used, go to this link:

To see a half-hour flip-through on YouTube, go to:


The book measures 10″ x 7.5″ (25.5cm c9cm). It contains 12 handwritten prompts and several blank pages of tea-dyed, quadrille paper, notecards, and vintage ledger pages for journal work and sketching. It is £85 plus £11 shipping [read more]

Illustrated Journal Pages: Churches

Here are recent pages, including churches and notes from Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, as well as French churches in Perpignan, the Priory at Serrabone, Elne Cathedral.

To see more sketchbook journal pages of churches, go to:

For more information on some of these lovely Romanesque churches, try:

[read more]

Illustrated Journal: France, Burgundy, and Churches

These sketches are from my illustrated journal is a recent trip to the Burgundy region of France. There are many hundreds of Romanesque churches, built between the 10th and 12th centuries. Before then, the area had been occupied and ruled over by Romans. Then they were gone but their architecture and design influence remained and were powerful influences in the creation of these churches. It was a time of crusades and pilgrimages, both of which brought travelers into tiny villages needing accommodation, food, and other practical provisions: these churches attracted these pilgrims and profited from their donations, as did the towns around them.

Hilaire Belloc, writing about his pilgrimage from France to Rome wrote of such places that: “In such shrines Mass is to be said but rarely, sometimes but once a year in a special commemoration. The rest of the time they stand empty, and some of the older or simpler, one might take for ruins. They mark everywhere some strong emotion of supplication, thanks, or reverence, and they anchor these wild places to their own past, making up in memories what they lack in multitudinous life.”

Click on an image to see a larger [read more]

Illustrated Journals: Drawing in Churches

There is almost nothing in the world I love doing more than drawing in churches. For me, keeping an illustrated journal is not about being the best at drawing or painting – I can’t hope to do anything like that. It is about creating a page that is part visual memory, part field guide. And by drawing in a church, or cloister, or crypt, I feel that I am capturing part of its soul as surely as primitive people believed that a photograph did the same to them.

  [read more]

Illustrated Journal Pages – Asheville

[read more]

Illustrated Journal Pages – Skomer

Skomer is an island off the coast of Wales which serves as a wildlife refuge with millions of pairs of breeding birds. An overnight stay is often cold, wet, and indescribably satisfying.

To read more posts about my visits to Skomer, go to:

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Illustrated Journal Pages

A mess of illustrated journal pages mainly from the last third of 2015. I got behind! That is the dilemma with sketchbook journals: if you are doing it right you don’t have time for eating what you’re drawing, let alone posting it.

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Travel Journal Pages

These are illustrated journal pages from the last quarter of 2015. From Zurich and Madrid. I sit in churches a lot. Also, cafes.,_Spain


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