Paste paper is a stunning way of creating original designs for use in hand-bound books, handmade boxes, wrapping, and other projects. Basically, it is the art of covering a page in a coat of colored paste made of rice or other starch. (I use a mixture of fine flour and corn starch). Patterns are then made by combing, stamping, or simply “drawing” with fingers.IMG_0007As a decorative paper technique, paste paper dates back to the late 16th century when it was used for making playing cards. Its heyday came in the 1760s when it was popularized by single women living in a German Moravian community as a way to support themselves. Their colorful paste papers were in high demand by bookbinders and for a variety of other uses.

These are some of my paste papers. Keep checking in: I will be adding tutorials on how to make your own soon.

Paste Paper Pulled WorkPaste Paper Combed WorkPaste Paper Combedpaste paper, handbound book