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Handmade Journal Bundle Kit Grey

I really love these boxed bundles of journal jumpstart stuff inspiration.

It starts with a handbound journal.  It measures 6″ x 6″ (16cm x 16cm), with 30 tea-dyed pages (for 60 sides). The cover is handmade grey linen paper that I bought at Calligrane in Paris. The wraparound cover ties with fawn sari silk. The binding is covered with a piece of a French dictionary page from 1826. It is truly one-of-a-kind. CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR A LARGER IMAGE.

Then there are the journal-keeping accessories:

  • UHU glue stick
  • 60 ml handmade walnut ink
  • Two bamboo dip pens in various sizes
  • Spritzer/mister bottle (to be filled with ink and water or acrylic paint and water to embellish pages)
  • Paper bundle pack (vintage French print, handmade marbled paper, mulberry paper, Nepalese lokta, vintage blueprints on acetate, a variety of tissue papers, two oversize tags). Papers are all different but approximately 6″ x 6″ (16cm x 16cm) and can be used in your blank book or in other mixed-media work.

This bundle makes a unique starter kit for the new diary keeper or a charming addition to the longtime journal addict’s stash.

Cost is £65 GBP plus £5 shipping. You can use the button below to Buy It Now or [read more]

Using Misters and Spritzers in Your Mixed Media and Journal Pages

Recently I showed some mark making techniques for our art journal pages and mixed media work and to make it clearer and easier, I used misters to deliver the ink without explaining about them and a lot of you said, hey wait, what is a mister anyway? Basically it is nothing more than a small spray bottle. When filled with pigment, it is a versatile tool for getting your colour into your mixed media and art journal projects. I keep several with a variety of colours and intensities both for starting and for embellishing pages. This video should make things clearer.

You can buy them premade or you can make your own, and in that way choose your palette. Ranger has a line of mini-misters. They are in most craft stores and you can also order them online here and also here. Another (and cheaper) option is to just use spray bottles, the size used for getting your liquids past airline security. You find at any supermarket, online, in Poundland or the Dollar Store, or in any chemist or big box store. They are inexpensive and should last for ages.

Usually I use ink but they may [read more]

Let’s Alter a Sketchbook Cover


I never go anywhere without a sketchbook journal; it’s the best way to make sure you are working in it, no excuses, and using small bits of time here and there. While I usually use a most substantial journal there are times when it is too heavy to be practical, and then I want a smaller, lightweight book. But – I want it to be noteworthy, so I decorate them before taking them out. (We want compliments, don’t we?) Here is a video showing how I altered the softcover sketchbook above. Below this are some written instructions AND some high-res downloads that you can use to reproduce this book yourself.

You can usually find these soft cover journals in craft, stationery, or book stores. First I put down a messy layer of gauze. If you don’t have gauze you can use cheesecloth or other light fabric, or tissue paper, or skip this step. Over that I added a page from an old French army record book onto which I had stamped a bird’s nest. Now, you can use any page of your own that you fancy but here are some high-res scans that you can download or cut-and-paste [read more]

Mark Making for Getting Past the Blank Page and In Your Work

Okay, fine, let’s talk about that blank page anxiety. Again. Look, you have enough to be anxious about without worrying whether that white page in your journal or diary is glaring at you, daring you to write or work on it. People, this will not do. Instead, today we are going to look at a variety of mark making techniques that will jumpstart your creative engines by making a nice, grungy, comfortable, welcoming space to create on.

Coffee cups

I keep a special tea cup dedicated to this technique alone. You can make messy circles using gesso. Or Ink. I like to combine a bit of colour to gesso. This makes a viscous medium that looks like chalk paint and also has remarkable depth. Add circles sparingly or go crazy and make bold patterns.


Drizzle or pour a small amount of liquid pigment – I am using my handmade walnut ink but you can use watercolours or acrylic thinned with water. Improvise. Smoosh it about on the page, then gently blot. You can now use this image as a messy, happy background, or you can draw into it, letting the blot tell you what it is meant to be. Alternatively, you can use [read more]

Handmade Ink & Journal

Two bottles of small batch, artisan-made ink from acorns and walnuts I harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Wild Acorn is a charcoal colour that works as a wash, or similar to a watercolour. Walnut is a dark brown, which can used straight or diluted for more sepia tones.

They are sold as a set of two – one each, for £24. U.K. shipping is £3 and worldwide shipping is £6.

Add a handmade journal. This blank book has 30 tea-dyed pages (for a total of 60 sides). Paper is by Derwent and is 165 gsm and acid free. The wraparound cover is an authentic, one-of-a-kind eco print. (Click on image for larger view.)

Journal plus two bottles of ink is £50. U.K. shipping is £4. Worldwide shipping is £9.

To order, please email me at kellyboler79@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram [read more]