SOLD: This altered book is made from an old, supersincere, morally upstanding book called Gladys or Gwenyth, and it was given as a Sunday School prize in 1921, as can be seen on the original bookplate on the opening endpage. It ties closed with sari silk that I hand-dyed in turneric root. Inside are pages with an array of vintage, paper ephemera including:

  • fragments of handwritten letters circa mid-to-late 19th century
  • engraving from 1887 called “Prayer in the Wood”
  • sassy girl cut from 1880s cabinet card
  • post card art made from French postcard 1902 and bird engraving 1912
  • vintage Welsh invoice
  • engraving of lovely girl circa 1870s
  • vintage, handwritten  ledger papers
  • vintage, handwritten French letter (1879) in butterfly pocket
  • found poetry on wedding photo 1920s
  • vintage French postcard 1911
  • group of women cut from original cabinet card c. 1880s
  • art engraving from 1887
  • engravings from John Ruskin book 1880 collaged with engraving of woman 1850s

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