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La Mode Illustrée 1880

Last May I bought several volumes of French fashion magazine La Mode Illustrée. This was the fashion magazine of its day. A woman would buy her weekly edition that might include engravings of hairstyles, dresses, embroidery patterns, home decorating, and hats – lots of hats. When she had a year’s worth, she would have them bound in a hardcovered volume that she could then use for inspiration or to share with friends over tea.

To see a larger version, click on the photo in the gallery.

So here’s the deal. Sadly, most of the bindings of the hardbound volumes was in too poor of shape to salvage but that just gave me permission to take out the individual signatures/editions without feeling guilty. (Whew.) I am selling them like this: three (four pages – eight sides) editions per shipment. While all of the editions of this magazine are good, some are very good and I have gone through them one at a time, making packages of three numbers that include two very good ones and one okay, still pretty darn good one. The way I see it is you can cut that one up (permission!) and either cut up and/or [read more]

SOLD: Altered Book: How to Answer Objections

SOLD: And this is a new altered book, created from a volume entitled: How To Answer Questions to Revealed Religion. Some of the ephemera used to make these pages includes:

  • (Cover) Belle from La Mode Illustrée, 1881;
  • First communion photo, circa 1900;
  • Pages from French biology schoolbook, 1910s;
  • Belle, coloured engraving, 1855;
  • Carte de visite (with two children), circa 1880s;
  • Marbled paper fragment, 1830;
  • Handwritten letter fragments, 1870s;
  • Portion of leather binding of Poetical Works of Meredith;
  • Bird engraving, 1912;
  • Pages from French army notebook record, 1895;
  • Belle, La Mode Illustrée, 1881;
  • Vintage French postcards, circa 1902;
  • First communion photo, circa 1900;
  • Adorable girl from original postcard, circa 1910s;
  • Two altered, mini greeting cards, 1902;
  • Tintype, circa 1860s;
  • French prayer card, 1941;
  • Butterfly cigarette cards.

(Click on any photo below for a larger view.)

Cost is 105. Shipping is £3.00 U.K. or £6.00 worldwide. To buy or if you have any questions, please send me an email at or@bookandpaper a DM on Instagram [read more]

Altered Book: The Psalter

Hiya. This is a new altered book. As always, it is a mixture of original vintage papers and photographs and some carefully chosen reproductions. There are pages with pockets. One has an 1880s carte de visite while another has a hand-embroidered postcard from around 1905, and yet another has an altered postcard and a tag with a handwritten quote from Mary Oliver. To see a larger version of a photo, just click on the image.

It measures 23cm x 15cm (9″ x 6″). Cost is £135 with free shipping worldwide. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

French Book Arts Boxes

(Two left.)   Just in time for Bastille Day, French book arts boxes: a hand-curated selection of antique ephemera from my finds across France. Ideal for a variety of crafts, including art journals, altered books, mixed media, assemblage, and collage. All of the pieces are original and once they are gone, they are gone. Each box contains:

  • One vintage rosary;
  • Ten yards French linen thread (unwaxed);
  • One spool French linen thread/twine;
  • Vintage tin (distressed);
  • Six buttons for gendarme uniforms (some distressed);
  • Twenty celluloid buttons circa 1920s;
  • Edition of La Mode Illlustrée, a womans fashion magazine. Each will date from the 1870s to the 1880s and comes in a signature with four pages;
  • Edition of Paris Qui Chante, a theatre magazine from 1903, 8 pages;
  • Handwritten legal document with embossed stamping, dates varies from 1840s to 1870s. One signature of two pages;
  • French dictionary pages, 1846, two pages;
  • Signature from French prayer book, 1822, eight pages;
  • Handwritten ledger pages, circa 1902, two pages;
  • selection of invoices and/or letters, 1860s to 1940s;
  • Three cartes de visites (photographs), circa 1880s;
  • One handwritten invoice folded in wrapper style ;
  • Three playing cards, 1890;
  • Four game cards, 1950s (?);
  • Three vintage prayer cards;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1811, seven pages;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1834, seven pages;
  • Signature from prayer book, 1611, four pages;
  • Three vintage, [read more]

Altered Book: Patience

This is an altered book made from a vintage Swiss-German guide to the card game patience. It has seven layouts/pages and is full of vintage paper including a tintype from the 1860s, several envelopes from circa 1902 – 1907, fragments from handwritten letters 1847 and 1871, bird engravings 1912, a handcoloured engraving of an English churchyard 1890s. Two pockets contain a vintage card and a vintage envelope with calling card inside. It fastens with tea-dyed sari silk ribbon. To see larger images, click on a photo.

Closed it measures 3.75″ x 5.5″. Cost is £55 GBP and worldwide shipping is £5. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Book Arts Boxes

When I sell a handmade journal, I always send it with lots of extras, and over and over I got the same lovely compliment from happy paper fans: “This was better than Christmas!” So, yeah, I am shamelessly going to call these Better Than Christmas Book Arts Boxes.

Inside each one are over 50 pieces of paper and textile ephemera for making your own book or journal arts, including:

  • Two yards tea-dyed sari silk
  • Two yard onion-skin-dyed sari silk
  • Length of tea-dyed gauze
  • Length of onion skin gauze
  • One yard vintage French lace
  • 25 mini mother of pearl buttons in a vintage tin
  • Sample size (10ml) handmade walnut ink
  • Sample size (10ml) handmade acorn cap ink
  • Four oversize cigarette cards (flowers)
  • Four regular cigarette cards (butterflies)
  • Four cartes de visite circa 1880s
  • Four assorted vintage French prayer cards
  • Two vintage, handwritten postcards
  • Signature from guide to plants, 1902
  • Handwritten letter, English, 1867
  • Handwritten letter, French, 1902
  • Assorted vintage invoices/receipts
  • Welsh bible pages, 1843
  • Dictionary pages, 1878
  • Ledger page, 1896
  • Saturday Magazine, 1838 (four pages)
  • Scrap pack of tea and plant dyed papers
  • UHU glue stick (large size)
  • A mini, handmade journal with wraparound cover (each one will vary. The one in the photo is 4/5″ x 3.

    Click on individual photo for larger view.

Now it really matters to me that you get something [read more]

Altered Book With Encaustic

This altered book uses encaustic techniques to fix tea dyed gauze and a variety of vintage ephemera to an old book. (Vintage envelope, handwritten postcard 1911, fragment of dictionary 1895, tintype 1860s, and antique skeleton key.) Please note that this book does not open but is meant to be decorative. It is wired for hanging and could also be displayed on a table or book holder. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

It measures approximately 7″ x 5. Cost is £65 GBP. Worldwide shipping is £6. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Book: Some Birds

This altered, artist book was created from an early 20th century (English) hymn book.

The pages have been altered with a variety of paper ephemera including:

  • Handwritten French and English letters, circa 1840s – 1870s;
  • Astonomy lesson, Saturday Magazine, 1838;
  • Hand-tinted engraving of English churchyard, 1889;
  • Invoice, 1902;
  • Vintage bird engravings (black and white), 1912;
  • Engraving of vain woman, 1886;
  • Blue-tinted woman with turban, 1919;
  • Engraving of eggs, 1865;
  • Welsh prayer book, 1840s;
  • Kangaroo, 1911;
  • Frontispiece from prize book, 1921;
  • French military cahier page, 1897;
  • Swiss envelope and stamp, 1902.

This is a one-of-a-kind work of altered art using a lot of original vintage paper ephemera. It takes many hours to make from preparing the book for embellishing to designing and executing that pages, each one of which is a unique piece of collage.

The cost is £115 and worldwide shipping is £6. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin With CDV Fairy

This is an altered Altoid tin whose lid has been given a faux rust finish.

Inside is a fairy cut from an original carte de visite (circa 1880s) over vintage French text. On the other side is an excerpt of an original, handwritten letter from France (1902) and a transparent image of a bird’s next.

It measures 2.25″ x 3.75″ (6cm x 9cm). The cost is £55 with free worldwide shipping. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin With Tintype and Lace

This altered altoid tin was made by creating a faux rust finish and mother of pearl buttons on the lid and making a tiny box frame/shadowbox.

Inside is an original gem tintype from the 1860s inside of a nest made from a vintage doily. On the other side is a collage of an original envelope (1902) and an engraving of a bird (1912).

It measures 2.25″ x 3.75″ (6cm x 9cm). The cost is £65 with free worldwide shipping. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

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