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Vintage Paper Ephemera in New Altered Book

Hellooooooooooo! This is my latest altered book and it is full of vintage paper ephemera from the 19th and early 20th century. This book took several weeks to make, from preparation to blocking and creating individual collage layouts using a variety of authentic engravings and other vintage images. These are not printed downloads: I always use originals. This altered book is a one-of-kind piece.

If you want to see a larger version of any photo below, just click on it and hey, presto, you will be able to see more detail.

Please let me know if you have any questions or leave me a comment below. I love getting your feedback.

If you are interested in buying this altered book it is £135 plus £8 worldwide shipping. Please send me an email at or a DM at Instagram [read more]

Digital Downloads Botanical Flowers 1838

Last year I got lucky and found a book called Paxton’s Magazine of Botany from 1838. (Or maybe it found me.) Inside were 48 insanely beautiful, hand-coloured botanical plates of flowers. Repeat – each one of these prints was painted by hand. I am still working out how (or if) I will sell the originals but in the meantime, I am offering them as digital downloads that you can print and use in your own artwork. Each plate is high resolution, 300 dpi.

Note that the originals of these plates are over 180 years old some of these copies will have foxing and other smudging from over the years but if you love old paper as I do, you will consider this part of their patina and part of the story that they are telling. They are also in the public domain so you can use them in your creations [read more]

Altered Book The Missionary Box with Pockets, Keys, and Hidden Ephemera

My latest altered book is made from a vintage book called The Missionary Box. Books like this were given as gifts for doing well in Sunday school and they often have an (appalling) edifying tone. Added to the cover of the book is a miniature ring of skeleton keys. I have used gesso to activate water soluble media throughout and there are lots of pockets. Click on any photo below for a larger view and more detail. Some of the vintage ephemera in this piece include:

  • a small ring of keys
  • handwritten post cards and letter fragments
  • celluloid card, 1905
  • cabinet cards including lady with cat
  • birds and bat engraving, 1912
  • woodpeckers and birds engraving, 1845
  • calling cards, circa 1902
  • vintage map of Naples, 1905

Here is a video flipthrough:

And here is a longer video here explaining the book.

This altered book is £175 GBP with free worldwide shipping. Please contact me to buy or use this Buy It Now [read more]

Vintage Paper in Altered Book Pockets

This latest altered book is chock full of vintage goodies tucked into pockets. Included in this piece:

  • Colour woodpecker engraving, 1867
  • Variety of engravings of jaunty women, 1881 and 1887
  • Cabinet card of young girl, 1900s
  • Distressed envelope with sealing wax, 1851
  • Handwritten postcard, 1875
  • Handwritten French card
  • Celluloid card, 1911
  • French “wrapper”, handwritten receipt, 1857

To see a larger view of any photo, click on the picture:This

Here is the flipthrough:

Cost is £225 GBP with free worldwide shipping. Contact me to buy or use the Buy It Now below. (Click here for currency converter.) Any questions? Send me an email at [read more]

Altered Book Handbook of Elocution

My latest altered book is made from an old elocution handbook. It is filled with original, vintage ephemera, as well as one-of-a-kind layouts using carefully curated reproductions. Due to the many layers involved in a piece like this, it takes almost three weeks to make by hand. To see a larger image, just click on any photo below:

Some of the elements are:

  • Fragment of handwritten French document, 1906
  • Beauty from La Mode Illustrée, 1880
  • Engraving of mushrooms, nature guide 1874
  • Envelope fragment with postmarks, 1906
  • Girl from postcard, 1902
  • French holy card, 1927
  • Handwritten French postcard with nun, 1909
  • Hand-embroidered card “To My Dear Aunt, 1917
  • Image from postcard, Zena Dare
  • 2 French postcards with handwriting and stamps
  • Carte de visite, 1880s
  • French cigarette card, 1895
  • Tintype, 1860s
  • Engraving of penguin from L’Universe Illustrée, 1881
  • Handpainted celluloid postcard with pop-up cross, 1917
  • French invoice, 1900
  • Bird engraving, 1912

Cost is £125 GBP with free worldwide shipping. Buy It Now with button below or send me an email for an invoice. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

Altered Altoid Tin Travel Pocket Shrine and Rosary

This is a pocket or travel shrine made from an altered Altoid tin. Inside is a vintage saint on one side and an unusual relic of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes on the other. (Please click on any photo to see larger view.)

Bernadette Soubirous died in 1879 and was made a saint in 1933. The relic consists of sawdust from the wood of Bernadette’s coffin, inside of a small, blue envelope marked: “Maison Mere des Souers de la Charite de Nevers” on one side and “”Sciure de Bois/Extraite du cercueil de la Vénerable Souer Marie-Bernard Soubirous le 22 Septembre 1909.”

The date on the envelope is 1909 which makes it from an interesting chapter in the making of a saint; it was the year her body was exhumed by the church for examination in search of proof of the incorruption of her body as proof of her sanctity. (This is why it is labelled “venerable” rather than “saint.”) Her body was then reburied in a new coffin (to be exhumed twice more in coming years – yikes). This sawdust is from the original coffin.

This altered tin shrine is trimmed with two vintage French holy cards (one from 1884, the other early 20th century) [read more]

Vintage Prayer Books, 1903

This is a set of vintage, pocket-sized holy books from Britain, The Book of Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern. Printed by Eyre and Spottiswood. Although there is no date of publication, there is a handwritten inscription on the inside cover dated 1903. The covers are leather. These books come in a leather carrying case that has a rope handle with beads. The case has wear and could use some TLC. One of the books has a loose binding at the front (see photos). This could be mended. Even with the age-related damage, these would make a special gift.

Cost is $20 with $5 shipping in the U.S. If you are buying from other countries, please contact me for exact shipping, or I can ship it for free at the end of February when I [read more]

Vintage Book of Common Prayer and Hymns, 1896

This is an adorable set of antique holy books: The Book of Common Prayer and Hymns A & M (Ancient and Modern). Publisher is William Clowes & Sons and while there is no date of publication, both books have handwritten dedications on the front covers that show they were a gift given in 1896. (“To Annie, on her 25th birthday”.) Both books have leather covers and are in good condition with expected wear to the spine on one. They come in a leather case which has wear to the handle (see photos). It is still sound and could also be easily mended. this is a beautiful and unusual set of books that would make a lovely gift. They entire set in the box measures 4″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ (10cm x 6cm x 3cm). To see larger image, click on any photo.

This set is $45 with free shipping in the U.S. If you are shopping from the U.K. or other countries, please contact me for exact shipping, or I can post it for free at the end of February when I [read more]

SOLD: Altered Book With Vintage Ephemera

SOLD: This is an altered book about gamesmanship, 1950s, full of pockets and tags and vintage ephemera. On the cover is an ink blotter from the 1920s and inside are (click on any photo for larger view):

  • carte de visit c. 1880s
  • small calling card c. 1910s
  • French holy card
  • handwritten French invoice, 1878
  • belle from La Mode Illustrée, 1880
  • handmade tag on vintage book frontispiece with photo of girl, 1910
  • two French postcards, 1902 and 1903, altered with
  • animal engravings, 1912, into which are tucked:
  • French holy card and French playing card, 1890
  • Small Swiss German new year’s card in trifold.
  • Reproduction birds on French military notebook page, 1911
  • Pocket from vintage butterfly guide
  • French first communion card, 1939
  • Engraving of Queen Mary from English history book, 1878
  • Page from guide to Worcester cathedral c. 1930s
  • French cigarette card of vamp, and English cigarette card of butterflies
  • Reproduction birds on handwritten French invoice
  • Distressed label from vintage Irish linen thread packet
  • Reproduction of praying nun
  • Mini pocket of eco-print
  • Mourning card, 1918.

Many, many hours of handwork went into this altered book. It is one of a kind and can be displayed on a table or shelf, and it makes an unforgettable gift.

Book is £95 plus £5 worldwide shipping. Please let me know if you have any [read more]

SOLD: Altered Book With French Ephemera

(SOLD) Here is the first altered book of the new year! Actually, I have been working on it for months but it is finally seeing the light of day. This philosophy textbook from 1959 is covered with a variety of original French ephemera: cartes postale, handwritten invoices and letters, fashion belles from the 1870s, vintage holy cards, a playing card from 1890, and a tintype in paper frame, circa 1860s. Inside are many pockets and secret tags, including an altered carte d’identite. (If you want, you could use the ephemera is work of your own and replace with handmade tags.) To see a larger photo, click on the ones below.

This vintage altered book is £95 GBP with free worldwide shipping. To buy please use the Bu It Now Button below or contact me at or by DM @book.and.paper.arts.  Please let me know if you have any [read more]

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