Please note: I have five boxes available for December 2021. More are coming in January of the new year.

The return of the French Book Arts Ephemera Boxes. Each parcel is filled with vintage French treasure to inspire your art journals, junk journals, collage, altered books, or other mixed-media work. Each box is curated by hand and is filled with hard-to-find handwritten paper, post cards, cabinet photos, and French brocante, all authentic and little pieces of mysteries and unfinished stories that have been waiting to be found. (I also add plenty of English and Welsh pieces, too. Because they are here.) To see still photos, scroll down.

While every box is different, each contains:

  • Vintage tin (distressed);
  • mother of pearl and horn buttons;
  • Three handwritten cartes postales;
  • Edition of La Mode Illlustrée, a womans fashion magazine dating from the 1870s to the 1880s. Four pages;
  • handwritten legal documents (actes notaires);
  • French dictionary pages, 1826, four pages;
  • Signatures from various French texts, 1744-1878;
  • Two cartes de visites (photographs), circa 1880s;
  • Four playing cards (jeu de tarot);
  • Five vintage prayer/holy cards;
  • Edition of Bulletin Des Lois (1835 to 1854). Printing is letterpress on laid paper.
  • Two large pages of ads from Femina (1911);
  • 10ml sample of handmade walnut ink;
  • Length of vintage lace;
  • Two yards sari silk ribbon;
  • Map
  • Three pages of wildflower pages
  • Two Rédoute flower prints
  • Vintage rosary

Each box is £95 GBP with worldwide shipping of £19 or £4 to the UK. (This is approximately $130 with shipping of $25 but please use this currency converter as exchange rates can shift.) To order, use Buy Now button below or contact at

Please note, these boxes are put together by hand; I need three days to make and post. As a rule parcels have been arriving to the states between seven and ten days after posting but holiday mails may be more vague.

These boxes are popular and are often repeat buys. Here are a few of the happy responses:

Thank you again so much for making these boxes available to those of us who would never see such things.  This is priceless to me.  I absolutely love everything and I am just in awe and giddy with excitement. – Kristin

Kelly! I just got your package and my goodness. It’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning. I literally was beside myself carefuflly going through each item. I don’t even know what to say but thank you, thank you!” – Maddie

“THIS BOX IS UTTERLY AMAZING! Its beauty is breathtaking and we can’t wait to play! Everything is exquisite. The papers. Journals. Packaging. Everything. You have such a knack. Incredible!!! THANK YOU!” – Amy

“Your new ephemera boxers look amazing! You really need to stop tempting me…lol! Thanks for all the extras you sent me with my order.” – Cheryl

Just a note to let you know that the box of French ephemera arrived today. I have been looking forward to it and now I have it in my hands! I cannot believe how many beautiful, wonderful treasures you have included, and I am in love with every single thing. And the fact that, thanks to your YouTube channel, I got to watch you going through France as you shopped! Thank you, thank you! – Jan

“I received your box today and it exceeds all expectations!! I am having so much fun looking and feeling all the items inside! I love the vintage tin with the buttons, the inks, handwritten papers and the fabulous little journal inside! You will definitely hear from me again in the future for another order!” – Susan

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