Online Courses

The Book of You: How to Keep and Make an Illustrated Journal

Have you ever thought your story deserves a book but didn’t know where to start? In my latest online course The Book of You you will learn about techniques and strategies for making and keeping a visual diary: a place to illustrate your memories and record your present, making a book that is a witness to you and your life, both the adventurous and the everyday. (Click here to see the course!)

If you have any doubts about whether you need to be making a book of you, imagine if your grandmother had kept a book like this, full of  visual notes about her shoes, the food she enjoyed, who she met, her home – its rooms and furniture, where she enjoyed walking and why, the music she liked, adding her to-do lists and her thoughts. Can you imagine what a treasure this would be? Well now you are going to make one for yourself.

Inside this course are ideas, prompts, and practical instruction on how to start your book and make pages that are fun and interesting: a visual library of your experiences and memories. We will cover:

  • Choosing and preparing a book
  • Suggested supplies
  • What’s in a portable [read more]

Six Handmade Books With No Sewing: Online Course

I am so excited to announce my new, online video course. It has 90 minutes of content that will teach you how to make six different books with simple, easy-to-find materials and no sewing! These books make pretty, lightweight journals. The variations are:


  • Single signature with ribbon binding;
  • Wraparound cover with ribbon binding;
  • Dos-a-dos cover;
  • Concertina sketchbook;
  • Mini concertina book with pockets; and
  • Faux ring binding.

To see an introduction to the course and a look at the finished books, check out this video.

This course is $30 USD. To buy, just click here and go to the online school. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy [read more]