This lovely piece is a large vintage rosary from France. Its hand-cut beads and art nouveau linking charm of typical of rosaries from the 1890s. The linking charm consists of delicately made lilies and a small cross, and has a gold-tone centre. The Christ-figure on the cruficix is silver.

The rosary measures 22″ (56cm) from end to end. The crucifix measures 2.5″ (6cm). While this would make a special devotional object, it can also be treasured as a piece of antique French jewelry to be displayed or worn as a necklace. (To see larger detail, click on any image below.)

Cost is £135 GBP plus £10 worldwide shipping (£2 for the UK). this is approximately $181  USD plus $14 but please use this currency converter for the exact exchange rate. To purchase, please contact me at