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How to Layout an Altered Book Page

In this video I share how I create one of my collage layouts in my altered books. Using a vintage image from “The Girl’s Own Paper”, a magazine from 1903, and the cover of an antique French bank book from 1910, I show how I play with a variety of backgrounds to get a page that you can’t stop looking at. I also explain about where to put the images on the page and how to rearrange them to change the narrative, or story, that the images are telling. Finally, I show how to really make your altered book pages pop by edging the images with charcoal and smudging.

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Poetry and Hair Ribbon: An Altered Book

I had to talk myself into putting her on this cover as it meant cutting her out of her cabinet card photograph, and she is so perfectly the kind of young lady that old-timey songs (and poetry) were written about. It is, however, this very quality that makes her such a sublime altered angel.

Altered book cover. Book cover is from One Thousand and One Works of English Poetry and has some lovely raised embossing. The main figure is from a cabinet card and based on her dress and hair ribbon, is from the 1880s. The border is a fragment of a handwritten letter, French, 1903. The wings are handcut from a variety of vintage papers. All papers are originals, not printed reproductions.

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