In my latest junk journal, I included hand-written prompts throughout to stimulate reflection and creative data-mining of the soul. Below is a list of those prompts plus a few more. Feel free to cut and paste and borrow at will. (To see the journal in my shop, go to:


(The only thing that I ask is that if you use these in a post or item to sell, that you credit me, please.)



What are five things that

I would like to learn?


Choose one. Now pretend you nailed it.

Look at how you began, backwards. You are

here, how did you get here, what was

your first babystep? Now take that step.


What are some quotes that are meaningful

to you? Write one and illustrate it. If you

don’t draw, make a collage from photos

in a magazine.


What is the best decision I ever made?


What are you really good at? Quick, what

was the first thing that came to your mind?

Write it down and write about it.


Your goddess. Describe her in five words.

Illustrate or collage what she is like.


Name five role models or people I admire.

 How can I be more like them?


What is my favourite thing to wear for

dressing up? For comfort? Draw or

collage them.


Which one makes me feel more

like myself?


What are I irrationally afraid of?


What, in your heart, should you be

doing. Quick, it crossed your mind in

a flash.


What eight people from history or

literature would I invite to dinner?


What are the things that distract you the most?

What would you have to do to die

with the right regrets?


What are five ways I can show myself respect?

 What stops me from doing it?


What new foods or recipes do I want to try?

Write down or draw the ingredients, or

find out where you try it.


Name three things I would do if

I was really brave.


What three things would I do

if I was bold? Are these three things

the same or different than with



What keeps you from doing it? Can

you babystep out of one of them

backwards? Then another?


In what way is my life a work in progress?


What are five things that you

cannot do without?


What are you worried about?

Cross one thing off the list.

Be ruthless.


If you knew nothing else in this

world, what would be the one

thing you are sure of?


I dare myself to…


What is the thing that

I am most passionate about?


What advice would you

give your younger self?


Are you proud of who you are?


What’s the next step you’ve been thinking about taking, for far too long?


What kind of drama do you sometimes get caught up in?  What can you do to rise above it?