Last May I bought several volumes of French fashion magazine La Mode Illustrée. This was the fashion magazine of its day. A woman would buy her weekly edition that might include engravings of hairstyles, dresses, embroidery patterns, home decorating, and hats – lots of hats. When she had a year’s worth, she would have them bound in a hardcovered volume that she could then use for inspiration or to share with friends over tea.

To see a larger version, click on the photo in the gallery.

So here’s the deal. Sadly, most of the bindings of the hardbound volumes was in too poor of shape to salvage but that just gave me permission to take out the individual signatures/editions without feeling guilty. (Whew.) I am selling them like this: three (four pages – eight sides) editions per shipment. While all of the editions of this magazine are good, some are very good and I have gone through them one at a time, making packages of three numbers that include two very good ones and one okay, still pretty darn good one. The way I see it is you can cut that one up (permission!) and either cut up and/or frame engravings from the other two. Just to clarify, the package does not necessarily include the images here; these are just to give you a good sample of the quality and style of the engravings.

Each package of three issues is £25 plus £6 shipping worldwide. If you would like more than three issues, let me know and I can add them for £10 each (shipping should be the same unless you order a boatload more.) To buy contact me via email at or send a DM on Instagram @bookandpaperarts.